“The Collective” is poised to kill it again!



JABB pictures scoured the independent filmmaking scene

looking for 10 of the best female writers and directors

for this one of a kind collection.

Proving that the independent horror genre is not just a boys club,

The Collective V.3 features 10 short films all from a different independent

female writer or director.

Keeping true to The Collective’s winning format,

all 10 films in this collection center around the same idea.

The theme this time around? 10 Minutes to Live.

It was up to each filmmaker to decide what this meant to them.

While the stories all center around the same basic premise,

they all have their own unique storyline and characters.

The films range from tender to terrifying with each filmmaker

putting their own unique twist on the idea.

With The Collective V.3

the ladies have most definitely shown they are a force to be reckoned with.

Welcome to the ALL FEMALE lineup of

The Collective!


       Jason Hoover and JABB pictures are at it again! Just when you thought it was safe to attend an indie film fest, along comes a new, gender specific, edition of the company’s popular “Collective” series.


        The spawning ground for some of the best independent short fear films out there, “The Collective Vol. 3” shows serious promise to continue that tradition. Featured indie studios will be: Pants Cannon Media, Karmic Courage Productions, Mysterious Mansion Productions, Chanemmabelle Pictures, Toe-Tag Pictures, One Stepp At A Time Productions, Death Hug Films, Silence In The Dead Of Light, Spiral Filmworks, and Hoover’s own JABB Pictures. These people know how to deliver the goods, and as a reviewer, I can’t wait to get my hands on a review copy!


        “The Collective Vol. 3” will premiere at the “Days of the Dead” convention in Atlanta, GA on March 9th 2012. Most of the ladies responsible will be in attendance for a Q & A and the first DVDs will also be available. Click on over to http://www.daysofthedead.net/atlanta/ for more info. After the big roll out, DVDs will also be available for purchase at the filmmakers respective websites starting March 12th.


        Check out www.jabbpictures.com for info and updates!! And definitely check out this, and the previous “Collective” volumes, for some of the finest in Mid-west scare fare.


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