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First off, I want to say hello and thank you for having me aboard this fine site! I am grateful for the opportunity to be apart and to be able to write! A little about me , I love old school horror and sci fi , as well as tons of the newer varieties. I also have done some writing for Horrorphilia in 2011 and love to do interviews to which I hope to share here also. I do have a like page on Facebook in case anyone is interested in “liking” it ! I also try and find something of value in all I view and write about, even in the ones that aren’t exactly well done!  I have learned that sometimes things are badly done because they just are and the whole thing was all about making a film and having a blast doing it and not expecting a “hands down” winner!

My question for all of you readers of Nerdremix- in the news , of course horror , what would you like to hear about , are there any specific things ? You can email me at  with any questions or ideas that would like to see and I will do my utmost best to meet that! So- now- how about some news??


Okay- one film that has folks “up in arms” is The Devil Inside- what I don’t get is this- how could the folks who put this stuff together think that a film with no ending could possibly be received well , I don’t know! I know, probably old news now- but- this was my chance to say it !!! Do they really want to insult the horror fans intelligence by thinking we wouldn’t notice?? Its like opening a Thai food café and only selling subs! What the hell???


I am really excited to see the official release of Headcase (2007)- it can be found on Barnes and Nobles website for a cheap $13.27 , I could go on about this film, but I already wrote a review for it on my site- maybe Nerdremix would like to post it here ??? 

Also- Dead Hooker in a Trunk , oh my friends, this is a must, my awesome friends aka Jen and Sylvia Soska’s directorial debut will be available January 31st from Amazon for $22.50 ! If by now you have never heard of this- remind me to trip you at the zombie apocalypse , or ask me about it- lol ! This is a must have for you 70s styled grindhouse horror with hot babes, violence, castration , men with animals in hotel rooms and much more exciting things! It also will keep peace between the good ole USA a Canada if you buy this! We need that peace , I mean c’mon , do we need the CFL here ???


I am rather perturbed, and no I have NOT fully investigated this new film that is to come out- but for god sakes, for all the “creative” “smart” folks in the movie scene, for all the folks who can figure out how to make gore so real that cops get called because bystanders think a real murder happened, why the hell would you even think of making a film called “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” , whats next, “Washington Zombie Killer” , “ Roosevelt, the Lycan Destroyer” , “ Obama, the Alien Hunter” , or maybe even “Truman Goes to Space” … my gosh- are we that desperate???


Well- this is it for my first write up- all I can say now is this- expect more- expect lots more good info and reviews and interviews- and while  we are on horror now- may I leave you with the words of a famous song- that may grate your ears- The Carpenters- “We have only just begun”- hahahahaha (in evil tone) !!!!