Daring Indie films? Here’s two of ‘em!





            Shooting this fall from actor/director Brandon Slagle’s Zeroinside Films, and slated for a 2012 release, comes “Nebulus” a futuristic action/thriller/shocker in the vein of “Alien”, Pitch Black” and “Pandorum” set in a world where mankind has been forced to flee Earth. The official plot synopsis: “Years after the initial evacuation, a group of four soldiers with no memory of their own identities and stranded on an unknown planet find themselves in a race against time as they are pursued by unknown, energy-based lifeforms while attempting to learn the dark secret that surrounds the secrets of why mankind was forced to abandon its homeworld - and then seemingly disappear...”


                Slagle promises “an action-packed, intensely horrifying thrill ride, that will make you think”. If his recent work is any indication, you can take that statement to the bank, this guy keeps getting progressively better! Frequent Slagle co-conspirators Wolfgang Meyer and Devanny Pinn are also producing. Shooting will reportedly take place in Death Valley, and although financing has been secured already, Mr. Slagle has started an Indie Gogo page to supplement the production—check it here:


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            And, presenting a really cool twist on the “horror anthology”, comes “The Collective” from JABB Pictures.



            Bringing together 10 indie filmmakers, each with a completely different take on the same synopsis-“a small town is caught in the clutches of The Meat Eater”, to create 10 minutes shorts, that collectively make up a feature length film, is a unique approach indeed! JABB honcho, Jason Hoover plans on premiering “The Collective Vol. 1” at Horrorhound Weekend Indianapolis on March 25th, 2011, with a DVD release to follow. The filmmakers selected reads like a “who’s who” if Midwest indie talent, they are as follows:


JABB pictures

Jason Hoover

Spike 2009, “Polly” 2010



Darkrider studios

Chris Jay and Kitsie Duncan

Lethal Obsession 2010



The Cult of Moi and Vous Film Producioni Company

Thomas Berdinski

The Italian Zombie Movie parts I and II 2009



Over Analyzed Productions

David Bonnell - Disorient 2009



Quattro Venti Scott Productions

Cameron Scott

Post Mortem America 2021 2010


So So Pix

13 year old Dakota Meyer

making his directorial debut


Blood and Guts Productions

Shane Michaels - Pipe Wrench 2009, Puzzled 2010



Edward X Young

Actor -Sea of Dust, Mr. Hush, Only Go There at Night


Liberty or Death Productions

James D Mannan - To Haunt You, Wannabe, Revenant, The Burial



Eric Schneider

Dead Moines 2008



We’ll definitely be watching the progress of this one closely, look back here for updates as we hear about them! Meanwhile, click on over to the JABB website: