Legend of the Red Reaper creator seeks ARTISTS for the comic book spin off.





Legend of the Red Reaper, the long awaited comic book style feature film from Indy film from the twisted brain of scream queen Tara Cardinal announces the launch of the franchise.

The feature film, which stars well known Scream Queen Tara Cardinal (Song of the Shattered, Delivery), David Mackey (The Sacred, Drop Dead Diva), Eliza Swenson (Witches of Oz 3D, Transmorphers), Shayne Leighton (The Incubus), Tom Nowicki (The Blind Side, Never Back Down, Letters to God) Christian Boeving (fitness model and celebrity), Legendary comic book artist George Perez (Superman, Wonderman, Spiderman, etc..) Al Snow (WWE, TNA), Joe Hollow (Blood Struck, Cut, Absentia) Devanny Pinn (Nude Nuns with Big Guns) , Lloyd Kaufman (Troma) and Barry Ratcliffe (Brothers and Sisters, Water for Elephants) has begun development on a new comic book and the film.

The story, written by Michael J Schaefer (Joe Hollow’s “Cut”), follows a young Red Reaper (played by Tara Cardinal) and her rocky relationship with her mother, The Teller Witch (played by Eliza Swenson) and her mentor: Kreios (played by Cal Simmons).

What’s exciting about the comic project, in addition to the “300-esque” style of the film is George Perez’ involvement in the feature (although not the comic, due to his exclusivity contracts with Marvel and DC).

George has drawn covers and pages for such classic titles as Action Comics, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Justice League of America, Superman, Super Girl, Star Trek, Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Avengers, Conan, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, and X-men.

Several promising artists are being considered, but submissions will be accepted throughout the first quarter of 2011. Interested artists are highly encouraged to submit samples of their work to: taracardinal@eternalnightstudios.com

Both George Perez and Michael J Schaefer have significant roles in the film. George plays the advisor and confidante of the Prince (David Mackey). Michael J Schaefer is the fully human mercenary/brick wall that no man can pass.

Legend of the Red Reaper is enjoying a lengthy and leisurely post production process. For up to the minute information, exclusive photos and news, please join the Facebook Page.