Body Hoppin' and Gypsy Magic (among other things!)




          Is it just me, or is Brandon Slagle one busy-ass dude? After "Cut" wrapped this week he's immediately resuming work on "Vivid". According to the  online synopsis the story should be an interesting mix of the concrete and the surreal (if you checked out the trailer when it was on our main page-you'll know what I mean).  That interesting trailer also featured a triumvirate of horror hotties--Katrina Cheri, Deneen Melody and frequent Slagle co-conspirator Devanny Pinn (who also lends a hand with the story and as a producer).  Slagle, Keith Kraft, Bill Oberst Jr. and Barry Ratcliffe round out the ensemble cast.


            Like I said, watch out for these people! With "15 Till Midnight" and the way this story sounds, Slagle's work is starting to resemble the mind fuck cinema of late period Cronenberg. If the finished product looks half as cool as the teaser trailer, it's gonna be murderous!!

                                                                Deneen Melody in "Vivid"                                                             Keith Kraft in "Vivid"                                                                     Devanny Pinn in "Vivid"







                Also in pre-production is a collaborative effort from Clockwerk Pictures, Darkrider Studios, and Muscle Wolf Productions is "Mother's Blood" a story of deformity, depravity, and sacrifice, with a touch of gypsy magic thrown in (shades of "Thinner"). "Lethal Obsession" firecracker Kitsie Duncan stars as Vivian a mother who makes a deal with a gypsy (Alan Rowe Kelly, creepy as hell in "Something Just") to preserve her beauty at the cost of her young daughter, after years of locking her now deformed daughter away, Vivian learns she can reverse things for her daughter and  keep her beauty, but at a terrible price!


            Chris Jay will direct a Curtis McManus screenplay and Deneen Melody (did I mention she works alot too?) co-stars as the daughter with Marv Blauvelt and Austin Dossey also cast. Check out the official web page and hey, why not become a producer too?


                                                                                                                                                                                    Kitsie Duncan--More legs than a bucket

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                of chicken!




Sooooo.....once again direct all: middle fingers, press emails, exclusive pictures, spare drugs and liquor, DVD review copies, and "fuck you Charlie"s to:, I can take it!