"Evidence" and A Haunting They Will Go...



            If you've visited the NerdRemix homepage in the last day or two, you may have noticed the trailer for "Evidence". Currently in post-production from RynoRyder Productions, "Evidence" is the story of two friends making a camping documentary, only to find out that something is out there in the woods, stalking them. Judging from the trailer the film is shot in the "Mock-Doc" style popularized by "Cloverfield" and "The Blair Witch Project".


            The film stars: Ryan McCoy, Brett Rosenberg, Abigail Richie and Ashley Bracken, with Howie Askins ("Bulletface", "Devil Girl") directing with the above mentioned Ryan McCoy supplying the screenplay and producing. "Devil Girl" was an excellent film and the trailer for this looks amazing, so I have high hopes for this project!!


            The viral campaign seems to have started for "Evidence", so look for more info and a review when this film drops!

The website: http://www.evidencethefilm.com/





            On the actual documentary tip, Pittsburgh area filmmaker Anthony Colliano (director of the I can't fucking wait to see it because it sounds cool and stars the ultra-hot Tiffany Shepis and Devanny Pinn "12/24") is producing a series of documentarys with an unusual hook.


            "Celebrity Para-Normal Lock Down" features Colliano and a rotating cast of celebrities and paranormal investigators being locked in a reputedly haunted location from dusk 'til dawn, with the proceedings being filmed for posterity. Just this past weekend, the fearless director was locked into the Broughton School in South Park, PA with John Spina, Matt Bonacci, the gorgeous Lia Savini (daughter of horror icon and "Sex Machine" Tom Savini) and Miguel Nunez ("Return of the Living Dead", "Friday the 13th Part 5" and countless others). We haven't heard if they were pestered by any angry spirits or if anyone wet themselves (here's hoping they were locked in with plenty of booze!). We'll hound Anthony for details about a release date!




            Anthony and crew will next be visiting the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Pittsburg, TN with paranormal investigator Chris Dedman--look for a report!


         Until next time bitches! Send your venomous bile to: tom@NerdRemix.com, and next time don't forget the gravy!!!