Down the Tunnel With “Absentia”



            Coming in 2011 is Fallback Plan Productions’ “Absentia”, a horror/thriller that involves two sisters discovering the link between mysterious disappearances (including the older sister’s husband, 7 years earlier) and an ominous tunnel nearby. It promises to be a character driven, psychological terror yarn according to the official press.


            Written and directed by Mike Flanagan (“Oculus”) and produced by Morgan Peter Brown and Justin Gordon, the film stars Katie Parker (“Cut”), Courtney Bell and Doug Jones (“Pan’s Labyrinth” “Hellboy”) in the primary roles.  It’s the first horror feature from this group and the trailer looks like a winner!


            In true “indie” fashion, the filmmakers raised funds through Kickstarter, lensed most of the film in an apartment, and used the “Crew by Committee” which is commonplace with so many low-budget horror features. Shot in 2 weeks, a still camera (!) was used to capture the video footage, and if the trailer online is any indication, the results are astonishing!!


            And unlike many current indie horror features, this one plays it “straight” rather than take the spoof route, the director set out to make a serious, subtle horror film, and that alone is commendable! Note to indie guys---STOP MAKING ZOMBIE COMEDYS!!! IT’S BEEN DONE…BETTER!!!


            So, keep an eye out for “Absentia” after it makes the festival circuit this Spring, it looks to be a well shot, well acted, well crafted film.

Now someone send me a screener…



Selected stills from “Absentia” featuring: Katie Parker and Courtney Bell