“Vivid” Exclusives and Casting Calls!!




          As you may have read, shooting has resumed on “Vivid”, Brandon Slagle’s reality blurring psycho killer opus and we have some exclusive photos from the production (as if you needed more reason to be eagerly awaiting this film). The trailer really contains some “Bava-esque” use of color, for lack of a better term, it’s vivid!! So feast your eyes on some images from the film below!!


CeCe Castillo as “Maya” in Vivid


Devanny Pinn as “Rosa


Keith Kraft as “Ethan” & Tawny Amber Young as “The Nymph”


Brandon Slagle as “The Man of Sin”


            Looks like it’s going to be crazy! Considering what this group did with their previous budgets, “Vivid” should look like a million bucks! Here’s the “official” plot summary from the Facebook page:


A group of individuals selected due to various neurosis are unwillingly brought into an experiment by a murderous sociopath who believes he has committed all atrocity he can on this plane of existence, and that the next step is to mentally step into the body of other people and live out their lives and fantasies - literally experiencing what it is like to be another person - both in life and at the brink and ultimately finality of death...


Check out the trailer and look for updates on NerdRemix! (Thanks to Brandon & Devanny for the exclusive!)





Xander Hinojosa, a talented writer/director in his own right, is gearing up to shoot two, count ‘em, two new short films in mid-January/early February, and is casting for them now! “Blackened” a shocker in an occult/demonic vein is the first of the two and Xander is looking for:


* One male between the ages of 24 - 30yrs old, between 5'9" and 6'2" tall with an athletic build. This character has a very laid back personality and should be very likable.

* One female between the ages of 22 - 30yrs old, between 5'6" and 5'9" with an athletic build. This character is very dominant and controlling with no give and a horrible sense of communication. She's the typical hot girl on the outside but ugly as hell on the inside.


            Also, Hinojosa is in pre-production on “Sling”, a short film concerning: addiction, relationships, and duplicity, for this joint he’s looking for:


* One male between the ages of 20 - 26yrs old, between 5'6" and 6'2" tall having a skinny crack head kind of build. This character is an addict and will be going through a transition from being strung out to facing his demons head on.


* One female between the ages of 20 - 26yrs old, between 5'6" and 6'2" tall having a skinny crack head kind of build. This character is a recovering addict with a ton on her plate. She's likable and I want the audience to pull for her to get out of her situation.


* One bad ass landlord with a "Captain Spaulding" attitude between the ages of 48 - 60yrs old, between 5'9" and 6'2" tall with a redneck sorta build. This character is typical grease monkey, "trailer trash" at its finest. Like I said, Captain Spaulding attitude.


* One small female looking to be around 10 - 15yrs old. 5' - 5'3" tall being very tiny in build. This character needs to have long dark hair and appear to be very innocent. I'm looking to have her appear to be very non threatening until her transformation.




Both films are going to be one day shoots in Oregon, Ohio and Xander is financing this himself, so he’s just covering meals and expenses, but if you’re a Midwest-based actor/actress looking to pad their resume while working with a developing talent, this is an excellent opportunity!! Send your headshots, resumes, etc. to:


Revolution Films L.L.C.

2548 Brown Road

Oregon, Ohio 43616


And if you have questions regarding either production or about casting, hit Xander up at: xander.hinojosa@gmail.com.


Check Xander’s recent short film “Below The Line Of Life” in our Skits & Shorts section at NerdRemix and his company’s website at:





            Until next time gorehounds!!!