A complete “Cut” and an American Giallo


                        According to the “Cut” Facebook page, principle photography has wrapped on this survival horror opus, packed with up-and-comers and horror stalwarts like Kane Hodder, Michael Berryman and Tony Todd! Wolfgang Meyer and Joe Hollow (who also starred, wrote & produced) co-direct some familiar faces from the recent “Song of the Shattered” and “15 Till Midnight” in the persons of Brandon Slagle and Devanny Pinn. The film also features: Katie Parker, Mark Hansen, Angie Savage and former FangoriaSpooksmodel” Shannon Lark (yeeeeaaaaaahhhh!).


            I’m really excited about this feature for the simple reason that many of the same people from the aforementioned “SotS” and “15 Till” are involved. I’ve reviewed both films for the site, and I defy anyone to find a core group of indie writers, film makers and actors that are making more thought provoking, well crafted and savagely original films in the horror genre. These are the type of people that make indie cinema worthwhile—these guys can do more with a few thousand dollars than Platinum Dunes can do with their latest $10 million regurgitated re-make pap! Horror fans of all types would do well to watch out for anything that name checks anyone in this group! Talent transcends budget!! Look for updates when this shit hits!! http://www.cut-thefilm.com



Joe Hollow in “Cut”



            Nick Blakeman, an alcoholic, suicidal loner, witnesses the brutal murder of reporter Jessica French.  Jessica was covering a local serial killer and the police believe that she is his latest victim.  Nick quickly becomes obsessed with her murder and launches his own investigation.

Nick is disturbed to learn that he and the killer have something in common:  a psychological profile.  Like a moth to the flame, Nick is drawn closer and closer to the source of the murders until he becomes a target himself...


            So goes the plot synopsis of a promising sounding new feature currently in pre-production from writer/director Scott Symons. “A Flash of the Blade” is described by the filmmaker as “an American giallo”—a very heady claim indeed! Slated to be shot in Hi-Def by an Emmy award winning DP, “Flash” also has euro-trash and giallo vet John Steiner attached,  Symons and company are hard at work raising funds and casting the rest of the players. The director, a fan of Argento, Bava and Fulci, promises that the film “will be the next Deep Red…the next Tenebrae”.


            That’s a whole lotta hype to live up to, here’s hoping this project delivers!! Behold! The Indie GoGo link:  http://www.indiegogo.com/A-FLASH-OF-THE-BLADE



            So that is that bitches!! As always, direct all: insult hurling, sucker punches, press releases, screener info, and crudely drawn pictures of me fellating goats to: tom@nerdremix.com, come heavy or don’t come at all!!!