WTF? Oh! It’s “The Giant Rubber Monster Movie”



            Muskegon, Michigan’s Madcap Maestro of the Macabre (damn! That’s a lotta “m”s) Thomas Berdinski has been hard at work on his entry for Jabb Picture’s “The Collective: Vol. 1” horror anthology, due to premier at HorrorHound Indy this spring. “Sascratch vs. Afrodesious: The Giant Rubber Monster Movie”, keeps with the pattern of spoofing beloved genre films that Berdinski had started with his laugh-a-minute (and very well done) “Italian Zombie Movie” duo. I had the distinct pleasure of watching an early cut of the short this past weekend, and it definitely brings the funny like “IZM”, it contains some familiar faces for fans of Il Diretto’s work (as well as just about every horror host East of the Mississippi!) and plays like a cross between “Flash Gordon” and “Destroy All Monsters”—wrap your brain around that!

            Since his debut effort was 3 hours of splatterific fun, one can only imagine Berdinski locked away in his editing bunker up North (think the Batcave, only much, much nerdier!) trying to pare down the 4 hours of footage he probably shot into this 14 minute gem! The always gracious Tom gave us some really awesome exclusive “behind-the-scenes” photos from his shoot—enjoy!!



From L to R: the lovely Becky Carrier and Bri MacPherson & the not-so-lovely Berdinski hard at work.



From L to R: dressing Afrodesious, GORE!!!, and an exhausted director



From L to R: Becky Carrier & Jeff Bromley on set, EFX application, the stunning Laurie Beckeman



From L to R: horror host hotties Marlena Midnite & Robyn Graves, Michelle MacPherson, and Brendon Bromley



From L to R: Roxsy Tyler, heating up some GUTS!, Dr. Sigmund Zoid