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          All new horror fans! This is the first (of hopefully many) installment of the NerdRemix horror news section. This is the place where yours truly (and others) will put to type all of: the news of the new, the coming soon, and the occasional manifesto of the current state of the genre…so let’s dive right in, balls deep—shall we?



The Origins of a Psycho


          JimmyO Burril, head honcho of Forbidden Pictures, and the man behind the “Chainsaw Sally” phenomena, is giving fans of the scary/sexy/unhinged murder goddess something to tide them over until season 2 of the popular, groundbreaking web series pops. “The Sally Stories” is a weekly series of stories explaining the “method to Sally’s madness” and features background stories about what makes  everyone’s favorite sex bomb loony chick with a chainsaw  tick. The first installment is already up and down (so if you snoozed you losed—yeah, I know, that’s not a word) but new entries are coming each Tuesday—so check it out! And while you’re there, feast your eyes on all of the new pictures of April Monique Burril in all of her “Sally” glory (trust me, you’ll thank me for telling you about it).





…and speaking of web series



          “Echo Lake” is currently starting production, with an April 2011 street date. According to film maker Jonathan Moody (“Scream Queen Campfire”, “Trick or Eat” et al) the horror/mystery/thriller will center around a small town where a serial killer is on the loose, and anyone could be a suspect or a victim. If all goes according to plan, each week we’ll get a 15 minute episode, where a character will die, and the mystery will deepen. At the culmination of the six, the killer will be revealed, and we’ll have watched the equivalent of a 90 minute feature! Sounds like a killer (pun intended) concept, and I. for one, can’t wait to see how it pans out!

          Here’s the particulars for those keeping score at home:

Written by Jonathan Moody and Kelsey Zukowski and Directed by Jonathan Moody. And starring: Chason Hunter, Brittany Colley, Andre Bland, Jonathan Moody, Eli Harris, Brandon McPherson, Kelsey Zukowski, Sam Qualiana, Robert Shepherd, Frances Mitchell, Phil Duffy, and many more with special cameos…

Check out the official facebook page for updates!  




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